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    Youth Suicide and Prevention / Dealing with Depression

    It appears the youth of today struggle in such a contemptuous society. Chilliseekers thrives in being charitable and trying to do what we can to enhance and support the young lives of today.

    Young people of our times are struggling to fit into society and are succumbing to daily pressure with their peers and with their own lives in general which draws them down a path of emotional depression.

    Depression is a serious disease and requires medical treatment right away. Teenage depression touches everyone at some point in their lives. With the help of Youth Suicide Prevention our young people are learning about depression, and gaining back their mental state of mind. Sadly some don’t ever experience freedom in the mind and believe there is no other option, leading to a wonderful life cut so very short.  

    The results in youth suicide today are incredibly distressing for a young life to be lost believing they have nothing to offer society or themselves.

    Show your appreciation by supporting Suicide Prevention and let’s help improve our next generation; they are unique and significant. Support us by supporting Youth Suicide Prevention and help a child hold on for just one more day.


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