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    My name is Jeremy Purt founder of I live in Townsville Queensland. I have twenty years experience in the hospitality industry and am a fully qualified chef, giving people my absolute best with my cuisine. I strive for excellence in everything I do, giving unbelievable service to others, exercising exceptional hygiene control and satisfying the appetites and desires of my customers.

    Given I am so passionate about food and to meet the many requests from friends and family, I’ve decided to expand into the new and exciting field of online sale of my products, starting out with a range of chilli products varying from sweet and mild to extremely hot – only for the more adventurous and daring of course!

    As we establish and grow our customer base, so too will our product range grow.

    Through starting this venture I have come into contact with many local farmers who supply all my fresh ingredients and it is these hard-working people, small family businesses, who I would like to benefit from my growing business.

    In the last few years I’ve also ventured out of my comfort zone into the field of disability care. I’ve found this to be a rewarding experience and continue to work in this field.


    Meeting the challenges of establishing a website and starting up this new business have been rewarding and I look forward to sharing experiences, recipes and new products with you all.

    – Jeremy

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